Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Knitting: ribbon-tied needle roll, part 1

I like keeping busy and just enjoy multitasking.  When I watch TV, for example, I want to be knitting something so as to fill in the boring scenes and the ad breaks.  The pattern should not be so difficult of course so that I have to count every stitch:  I want to be able to knit a look once, skip twice pattern.

This is one such pattern, which I found in the first issue of Debbie Bliss magazine (btw, great variety of projects for all levels) and it should at some point become a knitting needle roll.  I've inherited my mother's and grandmother's needles, so the total number is fairly big -- I had to have somewhere to stash them all!!!

the original and the "copy"

I'm using Schachenmayr yarn in Boston Fashion and I just can't get enough of the combinations of colour:  just look at how cute it already looks!

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