Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Knitting: Inside #23HarryPotterKAL

Yes, it is that time of the year - time for a KAL!

Lovely Katie from MissLavellia is organising a mega-KAL on the Harry Potter theme.  And the response is massive!

... Which means I could not NOT be a part of.  Without further ado, here are my intentions:

(caveats first:  I plan to use stash yarn wherever possible.  Which may mean combining more than one skein...)

1.  Hermione hearts Ron:  this is easy enough, so it should ease me into the spirit of the KAL.  I plan to use a combination of blue and blue-green yarns, probably in alternating rows.  We'll see how it turns out...

2.  Severus Mitts:  I just love those... Have plenty of black yarn lying around, my more pressing question will be - which colour to contrast?  white? grey? red?  decisions, decisions...

3.  And now to the unchartered waters:  Snape's Stockings.  I've never knit socks, and that's why this will be at the very end.  I will be counting on Crafty's Knit-along 2016: Socks to get the knowledge that may help me succeed in this mission.  Wish me luck!  (oh, and it will be in red yarn, more than one skein - again)

Interested?  Go over to the Inside Number 23 Raverly Group for more info (spoiler alert:  there will be prizes!!!)

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