Friday, 11 March 2016

Craft projects: update

These last days...

I've rediscovered by love for knitting, and my love for the knitting community!!! I'm combining all sorts of social media (but primarily Pinterest, Instagram and Ravelry, of course) in order to get in contact with all the wonderful people who provide a ray of sunshine into an other totally grey world: craftsy people!  From their podcasts, I learn all the news, from Instagram I drool over the many, many variations of hand-dyed yarn, which I then see in FO in either Pinterest or Ravelry.  Perfect!!!

I'm participating in the #23HarryPotterKAL, and already I can proudly present my first FO for this KAL:  the HermioneheartsRon hat.  An easy knit, it proved to be the right project to ease me into the world of Harry Potter (of which I know nothing...)

I used two different stash yarns (this is actually my theme for this KAL, get all the stash out!) the Regia Aquarius Color 6 ply and the Schachenmayr nomotta Cotton Eco in blue-green hues and knit the pattern interchanging them.  No one can actually see that there are two different yarns.  The experiment worked beautifully, and I intend to try it again in another project...

I'm taking a break from this KAL for the time being, as I have a planned surgery, so I needed a project that would be super-super easy and would take my mind off things.  This is what Calla is:  a nice-little poncho with a twist. I'm already at 20 cm, and I just enjoy knitting away...  I'm using SMC Select Belisia in black and I'm thinking of adding little pearly thingies towards the edge between the knits and the purls.  We'll see...

Not much going on, I know, but plenty for my needs and desires.  Which is what counts, right?

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