Sunday, 25 May 2014

Knitting: My first knit-a-long!

One of the many amazing things in the online community is the team spirit in almost every activity!  From books to cooking to fashion to crafts, it's all for one, one for all! The exchange of ideas, advice and support (as well as a gentle competitive spirit) make an -a-long experience really worth the effort and time - plus it's fun when are you're among friends!

That's why I subscribed to Rowan's Mystery afghan KAL (that's knit-a-long)

week 1: garter stitch
Each week the pattern for one square is released, and - at least to my humble opinion - they get increasingly difficult.  No problem, so far, mind you.  Even if I get uncomfortable with an instruction, either a. I do it my way (and make the design my own...) or b. which is more often the case, I seach good old YouTube for an instruction video!!!
week 2: nordic star

So far I've tacked 4 weeks and 4 different designs.  All great, with different yarns intepreting the design from a totally different perspective. 

week 3: heirloom lace 
The KAL was originally destined for the Pure Wool Worsted type of yarn.  Being of a practical mind, however, I've decided to use all that spare yarn lying around the house, waiting to be used in such a limited extent... I'm using 4 and 4.5 size needles depending on the yarn and hope that when I start blocking, all squares will be of the same size...

week 4: lace kisses
Reading about other people's ways of coordinating the various colours, I came across LifeLackaDaisiCal, who had the great idea of actually creating a pattern with the colours to suit one's own taste.  Quickly I set about playing on my computer trying to see how on Earth I could do something similar for all my yarn and presto!  My very own, personal pattern was created, which - at least on screen - looks incredible! (let's hope it does IRL as well...)
my own pattern (ahhh...)

Kudos for this well-organised KAL, I'm happy for my first try at keeping up with tight deadlines (not!) and I'll be back with the finished product (at some point in time and certainly before the winter).  So - watch this space!

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