Thursday, 6 June 2013

MMM13: Appreciation time

I'm very excited to have participated in MMMay'13 (Me-Made-May-2013).  This has been a great initiative to challenge myself into making and wearing my own creations.  Being a newbie I was wise enough to pledge to participate only in the weekends (this time only, I promise!).

The real challenge - I was to find out - was that I did NOT have any me-made clothes, that I would actually have to MAKE my me-made clothes (but not to worry, I was reassured by my learning to refashion clothes - easy, quick, effective!).  I'm happy to report that most weekend days were covered and the revelant posts will be published in the coming days.

How did I find the experience?  It's an amazing challenge!  I cannot believe I would dive into this world of refashioning so easily, but that alone has opened up my outlook on what I can and cannot do.  I thoroughly enjoy following patterns, don't get me wrong.  But to be able to give a second life to garments I already own - it's just unbelievable. To be able to grade patterns, even better!  Now I really understand the glory of one's  craft achievements and the luxury to wear clothes that perfectly fit ME!  I followed plenty of the other bloggers through their MMMay'13 journeys (who, of course, DID have me-made clothes...) and I saw how fun this can be - thank you Zoe for organising this challenge and here's my pledge:  by this time next year, I will have a whole wardrobe of me-made clothes!

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